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Scams and frauds

Committed against a company or individuals; by technological means; within the framework of a contract or a business transaction; or over private properties.

Crimes against honor

Libel, slander, defamation speech.

Crimes resulting from negligent or imprudent conduct

Injuries and deaths caused by traffic accidents or other high risk human activities.

Intentional crimes

Injuries or homicides.

Offenses linked to the civil service

Committed during or in the exercise of a public function.

Crimes against seniors

Committed against persons vulnerable because of their age.

Domestic violence cases

Our national legislation protects the victims of domestic or marital violence.

“Amparo” defense

Summary proceedings which serves to guarantee constitutional rights.

Habeas corpus

To combat illegal detention or deprivation of liberty.

Legal opinions on freedom of speech

In its various manifestations and different communications media: radio, newspaper, television, internet, advertising.

Rights of rectification and answer

Within the framework established by the Law of the Constitutional Court.

Information privacy and data management

Legal opinions on right of access to personal data and right of correction and/or deletion of personal data.

New information technologies

And right to privacy, honor, image, and abuses of freedom of expression.